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With 30 years’ experience in delivering expert legal services up and down the UK, The Will Group has helped thousands of individuals and their families take back control of their assets and secure a more certain future. 


We work hard to ensure our clients have access to world-class expertise that’s surprisingly inexpensive. Professionalism, reliability and approachability are the three cornerstones of the service we provide – and our staff are famed for their warmth, their wise words, and their relentlessly friendly nature. 

We Are 


We established our business back in January 1991. Within 18 months of our launch, we had expanded our Will and probate services far beyond our headquarters in Hertfordshire and set up 23 licensed offices throughout the UK. It has always been our intention to bring our expertise to as many clients as possible – and now, with the wealth of digital technologies available to us, there’s truly no limit to our growth. 

We Are


We were pioneers in the sense that we were one of the first Will writing companies to start visiting clients in their own home, instead of expecting them to take time off work to visit a solicitor’s office. It was a move that proved to be invaluable, especially to the elderly and the sick, who otherwise struggled to reach us – and we continue to favour remote visits over onsite meetings to this day. 

We Handle Everything

From drafting Wills to exploring trust options, arranging Lasting Powers of Attorney and helping people navigate the probate process, we can manage any and all of your estate planning requirements. We also offer access to a dedicated national document storage facility for a small fixed annual fee, and we give our clients the opportunity to update and redraft the Will they have with us every year, completely free of charge.

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